Rebel Dossier

Stephen Biemiller

Also Known As "Stegosaurus"

Event Record:
26 events attended

04/21/2020 JJ's 16th Birthday
03/30/2020 Hendrick's Virtual Birthday Party
03/24/2020 Miles Virtual Birthday Party
03/20/2020 Love for Jayce
02/22/2020 Fleet Landing Resident Visit for Philip Harville and others
02/09/2020 Jacksonville Symphony Concert Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Sunday
02/08/2020 Florida STEM & Health Expo
01/25/2020 2020 Wolfson Children's Challenge
12/27/2019 Dec 27th, MOSH Winter Discovery Camp - Return of Galactic Encounters-Jacksonville
12/21/2019 Dec 21st, St Augustine Life - Star Wars Episode IX VIP Event-St Augustine
12/20/2019 Dec 20 Star Wars 501st Meet n Greet - Palatka
12/19/2019 Dec 19th, The Rise of Skywalker Red Carpet Special Event - Fleming Island
12/14/2019 Dec 14th, Middleburg FL Christmas Parade - Middleburg, FL
12/07/2019 Dec 7th, St Augustine Christmas Parade-St Augustine
12/02/2019 Dec 2nd, USO No Dough Dinner - Jacksonville
11/17/2019 Nov 17th, Jacksonville Walk for Apraxia - Jacksonville
11/14/2019 Nov 14th, Jedi Fallen Order release - Jacksonville
11/04/2019 Nov 4th, Jedi Academy - Fleming Island
10/31/2019 Moosehaven Heart of the Community Halloween
09/22/2019 ACC 2019 Sunday
07/29/2019 Summer Reading Finale
07/28/2019 Jacksonville Shrimp - Star Wars Night
07/20/2019 Tech Fair at the Main Jacksonville Library Branch
06/03/2019 Summer Reading Kickoff
06/01/2019 The Arc Jacksonville Village

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