Rebel Dossier

Allie Rohrbach

Also Known As "Super.Snips"

Event Record:
16 events attended

07/11/2020 Dr. Berlin's Birthday
05/05/2020 Everett's 9th Birthday
04/24/2020 Bring A Smile to Zack
04/24/2020 Happy Virtual Birthday Landen and Hayley
04/21/2020 JJ's 16th Birthday
04/20/2020 Happy Birthday Kayln
04/12/2020 Happy 7th Birthday Julian!
12/15/2019 Makaze/Ra Kura Joint Holiday Party
12/07/2019 Clermont Christmas Parade
10/26/2019 Orlando Creepy Crawl and 5K
09/21/2019 ACC 2019 Saturday
08/10/2019 Cagan's Crossing Library Star Wars Day
07/04/2019 Celebration 4th of July Parade
04/07/2019 Walt Disney World Rival Run Half Marathon
03/11/2019 EK Johnson Book Signing
12/29/2018 Florida Citrus Parade

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