Rebel Dossier

Lisa Mitchell

Also Known As "Asil Kaiju"

Event Record:
14 events attended

04/24/2020 Bring A Smile to Zack
03/30/2020 Hendrick's Virtual Birthday Party
12/07/2019 Clermont Christmas Parade
06/15/2019 Star Wars Day at Cooper Memorial Library
05/10/2019 Autism Gym Prom
05/05/2019 GKTW Breakfast Meet and Greet
08/13/2018 GKTW Sunday Breakfast Meet and Greet
06/10/2018 GKTW Sunday Breakfast
05/25/2018 MegaCon 2018 - Day Two (booth)
05/04/2018 Brody Strycharz Memorial
04/27/2018 Austism Gym Prom
04/08/2018 GKTW Sunday Breakfast
12/09/2017 Toys For Tots
12/02/2017 Clermont Xmas Parade

14 of 14 events shown


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