Rebel Dossier

Jessica Souza

Also Known As "LittleTIE"

Event Record:
18 events attended

10/14/2020 Love & Well Wishes for Tony (Facebook)
08/01/2020 Happy 5th Birthday Dominic!
07/11/2020 Dr. Berlin's Birthday
06/23/2020 For Graycen
06/15/2020 For Slade
05/05/2020 Everett's 9th Birthday
05/04/2020 May The 4th Be With You!! A Star Wars Celebration Virtually
04/24/2020 Bring A Smile to Zack
04/20/2020 Happy Birthday Kayln
12/15/2019 Makaze/Ra Kura Joint Holiday Party
08/10/2019 Cagan's Crossing Library Star Wars Day
07/04/2019 Celebration 4th of July Parade
05/18/2019 MegaCon Garrison Dinner
05/11/2019 Lake County Animal Shelter
04/20/2019 Autism Walk and Family Fun Day
04/13/2019 Music of John Williams - Evening
12/01/2018 Clermont Christmas Parade
10/21/2017 Ft Myers Comic Fest

18 of 18 events shown


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